[Dspam-user] DSPAM started rejecting all local recipients at the middle of the day

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[Dspam-user] DSPAM started rejecting all local recipients at the middle of the day

Stephan Alz
Hello List

We had a stable postfix+dspam+virtual mailbox setup running since over a year and one day it decided to start dropping all the incoming emails with:

ii  dspam                              3.10.2+dfsg-8                 amd64        Scalable, fast and statistical anti-spam filter
ii  postfix                            2.9.6-2                       amd64        High-performance mail transport agent

Dec 15 12:00:02 mailserver postfix/lmtp[2327]: C4F81800E6: to=<[hidden email]>, relay=mail.ourcompany.com[/var/run/dspam/dspam.sock], delay=0.58, delays=0.28/0.01/0/0.29, dsn=5.3.0, status=bounced (host mail.ourcompany.com[/var/run/dspam/dspam.sock] said: 530 5.3.0 <[hidden email]> Fatal: 554 5.7.1 <[hidden email]>: Recipient address rejected: Access denied (in reply to end of DATA command))

We had around 200 virtual domains on that server and because of this strange error all of them was rejected. We did a workaround and disabled dspam.


virtual_transport = dspam:unix:/var/run/dspam/dspam.sock
virtual_transport = smtp:xx.xx.xx.xx:yyyyy

Now I try to investigate what caused a working system to get out of it's stance and go crazy at the middle of the day when it was running with the exact same config file
over a year. When this happend we even restored the configs quickly from backup (which were the same) and rebooted the machine but it didn't help.

Any ideas are welcome.


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