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[Dspam-user] Dspam is not tagging spam mail

Paul Goyette
I was having this same problem.  I've verified that my configuration has

     Preference "spamAction=tag"
     Preference "spamSubject=***SPAM***"

I've verified that the user (me!) does not have any personal dspam
preference file, so nothing to override these Preferences.

Innocent messages are getting the X-DSPAM headers added correctly.  But
new Spam messages are NOT getting the headers, and they are not having
the Subject line updated.

Here's a sample entry from my dspam log file:

    1453074674      S       "Grocery Coupons" <[hidden email]>
    569c28f2162181671114135 Looking  for-  ways-- to-- lower-  the-- gorcery
    - bill? Start with these coupons options.      0.016069        paul
    Tagged  <[hidden email]>

dspam is being invoked from postfix, via the following postfix transport
entry (in master.cf)

dspam   unix    -       n       n       -       10      pipe
   flags=Ru user=dspam
   argv=/usr/pkg/bin/dspam --deliver=innocent,spam --user $user -i -f $sender --$recipient

(the last two lines, from argv= to $recipient, are really on a single
line but my mailer insists on wrapping)

I previously had also enabled

     Preferences "tagSpam=on"

but have since removed that line based on the latest reply from Tom
Hendrikx which said:

  Check the README, tagSpam is for something else.

Voila!  Once I remove the errant tagSpam line from the config, it all
starts to work correctly!

Apparently, if tagSpam is requested, but the tag file (or TxtDirectory)
cannot be found, dspam gives up on the message and fails to apply the
spamSubject update and fails to add the X-DSPAM headers.

To me, this sounds like a bug.  If the tagSpam file can't be found, it
should log an error (via syslog?) and continue with the rest of message
processing.  (At the very least, it should give an error message that is
sufficient to identify the problem.)


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