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[Dspam-user] Forcing whitelisting

Phil Stracchino
I'm subscribed to a single-sender email newsletter from which I get two
messages per week.  I've been subscribed to it for twenty years, and
DSpam reliably classifies messages delivered to my long-term subscribed
address as innocent.  (For that mailbox, the sender was whitelisted many
years ago.)

I'm trying to switch it to a different mailbox at my domain, but no
matter what I do, messages delivered to the second mailbox, or messages
I redirect from the original mailbox to the second mailbox, get marked
as spam.  I force delivery, I retrain as innocent, but the next one
comes in and without fail, just like clockwork, as sure as death and
taxes, it's marked as spam again.

Is there any way I can force DSpam to manually add a sender to the
whitelist, or trick it into doing so?  As I understand it, DSpam
whitelists a sender from whom I get ten consecutive innocent messages.
But no matter how many messages I retrain as innocent, I can never reach
the ten consecutive innocents, because retrained messages don't appear
to count for whitelisting purposes (if they did, the newsletter would be
whitelisted a dozen times over by now) and every time DSpam categorizes
a new incoming message from the newsletter as spam, it resets the
'consecutive innocent' counter to zero.

  Phil Stracchino
  Babylon Communications
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