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[Dspam-user] [Help] dspamc and 421 error


  I would ask an help to workaround the BUG


Sometimes, at every time, dspamc exits with error -5.

I use dspamc in DLMTP to retrain mails from postfix, using transports  
like these:

dspam-retrain   unix    -       n       n       -       35      pipe
   flags=Rhq user=mail argv=/usr/bin/dspamc --user dspam --deliver=  
--class=${nexthop} --source=error

dspam-inoculate unix    -       n       n       -       35      pipe
   flags=Rhq user=mail argv=/usr/bin/dspamc --user dspam --deliver=  
--class=${nexthop} --source=inoculation

dspam.conf contains:

ClientPort     20024
ClientIdent    "[hidden email]"

I can't use directly the LMTP as suggested, because I couldn't specify  
different source and class in a single socket. So my client retrains  
mails sending to [hidden email] or [hidden email] which point to  
one of above transport.

Reading BUG discussion, it seems that sometimes LMTP socket doesn't  
answer, so dspamc dies. Do you have any hints to find why dspamc die?

It doesn't seem a mail related issue, because if I resend the mail  
after dspamc died, dspamc retrains the mail correctly.

Thank you very much
Best Regards

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