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[Dspam-user] Home (/var/dspam) deleted; now unable to recreate data.

John Smith
Debian 7, Postfix 2.6, Dovecot 2.0.14, dspam 3.10.1

Everything was up and running smoothly, but in a poor attempt to force data and statistics to be restarted from scratch (and to move Home to a new location), changed the location of Home in the config file, deleted /var/spool/dspam and started dspam back up. Let me reiterate that *nothing* else was changed. We stopped dspam, removed the directory, started dspam. Boom.

Instead of recreating the file structure in the new location (as it had to do the first time it was ever run), it spits out the following any time a spam message is moved into the junk folder or "dspam_stats -H <user>" is run (or anything else involving dspam occurs, of course).

Mar 21 01:10:16 burg dspam[4967]: Unable to open file for writing: /var/newlocation/dspam/data/virtualdomain.com/ bobsmith/bobsmith.lock: No such file or directory
Mar 21 01:10:16 burg dspam[4967]: unable to attach dspam context

I've tried manually creating the directories (though I then of course have no way of knowing how to properly secure them or what permissions they dspam requires on them), but even though dspam is able to create the bobsmith.css and bobsmith.lock file after that, anything involving spam or training results in a complaint about trying to find signatures.

I've also tried reinstalling and the removing and installing again, in the hopes that would somehow spur it to generate the file structure within /var/newlocation/dspam that it needs. Still no luck.

Any help to get over this dumb mistake would be sincerely appreciated.

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