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L. Jankok

Hi Fellow dspam users,


I am new to the list.

This week I have implemented dspam successfully with postfix using transport maps.


In less than 48 hours dspam is filtering out those difficult spam mails which passes

the postscreen tests.


Hereby I share my dspam implementation strategy and choices.


I have a basic setup. I use postfix for all the selection logic. With postfix I can

filter which (sub)domain or e-mail address will be passed to the dspam socket.

Dspam reinjects the mail into postfix and postfix depending on the (sub)domain

or user, sends the mail to a particular internal protected mailserver.


Here are relevant snippets of my dspam configuration file.


# keep it simple

StorageDriver /usr/local/lib/dspam/libhash_drv.so


# reinject into postfix using smtp


DeliveryPort            1026

DeliveryIdent           dspam.localhost

DeliveryProto           SMTP


# for now train on everything

TrainingMode teft

Algorithm graham burton


# as advised

Tokenizer osb

PValue bcr


# tag the mail with a specific message.

# using the no spam tag, a companywide disclaimer

# can be enforced (just a matter of creativity)

Preference "spamAction=tag"

Preference "statisticalSedation=5"

Preference "signatureLocation=headers"


# again keep it simple

# make a postfix transport to retrain dspam  

ParseToHeaders off

ChangeModeOnParse off

ChangeUserOnParse off


# User@domain is equal to user@Domain

Broken case


# make dspam talk lmtp

ServerMode standard


# spam mails are delivered after being tagged and after

# the subject has been preceded with [SPAM]

# On the internal mail server a companywide rule tags

# the mail as junk and move it to the users SPAM

# folder

ServerParameters       "--deliver=innocent,spam -d %u"


---- end relevant parts of dspam config


# group file content



# global-user preferences file content



Users don’t want to be bothered with details. They want

a configuration which works out of the box.

Optionally users can send a mail to [hidden email] or

[hidden email] to retrain for their specific account.


The system is fed by a couple of motivated users and because

of the group type everyone will benefit.



Take care,



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