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[Dspam-user] dspam not running emails through clamav

Hello all,

I've been wrestling with postfix/dspam/clamav and I have postfix running inbound email through dspam and dspam seems to be doing it's magic and marking up the headers, but when I sent the EICAR test virus to myself, it doesn't seem to be running the emails though ClamAV.

I would also like it to scan outbound email for spam and virus and my config doesn't seem to be doing that either.


can be found here https://gist.github.com/gt4ne1/9fd53b6c04024a9ac433

The dspam.debug only has the following lines regarding virus scanning:

976: [10/01/2014 02:31:36] Connecting to for virus check
976: [10/01/2014 02:31:36] Connecting to for virus stream transmission

I've been testing so much that dspam is marking some of my virus tests as "whitelisted".  Is that going to cause a problem with virus scan not working?



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