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Hi folks,

I guess everyone of you knows that BUT ...
I've got a lot of trouble last weeks to find the reason why my postfix is sending the mails via LMTP to dspam, and dspam is processing the mail, but then the mail is not forwarded via LMTP to dovecot.

To be honest, I think, that the documentation of dspam is not really good.

So finally I found the answer to my problem in the dspam.conf file so I'd like to share this information here on the list for reference and to be indexed by search engines.

additionally to setting up the

ServerDomainSocket or ServerHost



One has also to setup the ServerParameters to something like:

  "--deliver=innocent -d %u"

See the config file documentation here

# If supporting standard LMTP mode, server parameters will need to be specified
# here, as they will not be passed in by the mail server. The ServerIdent
# specifies the 250 response code ident sent back to connecting clients and
# should be set to the hostname of your server, or an alias.
# NOTE: If you specify --user in ServerParameters, the RCPT TO will be
#       used only for delivery, and not set as the active user for processing.

I'm not quite sure at the moment if I should use only innocent or also spam, but this is another topic.

I hope this helps someone whos fooling around like me ...


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