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AIS Information
On 03/25/2015 08:04 AM, [hidden email] wrote:

> Hi,
> I'm using DSPAM in a 100.000 users e-email structure. I run 6 mail
> server with dspam with the hash driver. The database is kept in a NFS
> share and it seems to work fine.
> I'm using TOE training mode, since I have amavis-new in this structure
> doing black/whitelist and common blocks. My users can teach ham and spam
> messages to dspam automatically.
> My questions:
> Is TOE the training mode that less uses disk space?
> What are the hash driver config that I should use? my database is +100GB
> right now and growing fast.
> What is the best practice for database maintenance?
> this are my settings:
> HashRecMax              98317
> HashAutoExtend          on
> HashMaxExtents          0
> HashExtentSize          49157
> HashPctIncrease         10
> HashMaxSeek             10
> HashConnectionCache     10
> PurgeSignatures 14          # Stale signatures
> PurgeNeutral    90          # Tokens with neutralish probabilities
> PurgeUnused     90          # Unused tokens
> PurgeHapaxes    30          # Tokens with less than 5 hits (hapaxes)
> PurgeHits1S     15          # Tokens with only 1 spam hit
> PurgeHits1I     15          # Tokens with only 1 innocent hit
> I disabled the dspam_clean and dspam_logrotate from the dspam servers,
> and execute them in the fileserver directly.
> I tryed to use postgresql driver, but it used a lot of resources.
> Can you guys give me some suggestions? The database is getting bigger
> and I don't know if I'm doing the best maintenance routine.
> Thanks!

I'm no email/dspam expert but i have a very small user base (<20)and i
had to get off the hash driver because it uses too much ram eventually,
IIRC. I don't know if the docs mention this potential pitfall. It was
crashing dspam on my little vps. I had to switch over to mysql backend
abrubtly. It has been just fine ever since.

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